Micky Clancy

Hi my name’s Micky…

I’m a British-based writer, an enthusiastic adventurer and a Lancaster University graduate in English Literature. Having been writing for the last five years I’d confidently say I’ve caught the writing bug. I have written articles for The News, International Baccalaureate Blog and Campus Society. Recently, I have begun copywriting for smaller, more independent businesses like Moominz, who sell reusable sanitary pads and Portsmouth’s first plastic-free supermarket, The Package Free Larder!

Sustainability, outdoor adventure and self-improvement are my BIGGEST passions, and it is companies that align with these values that I am enthusiastic to work with!

Get in Touch

Email: micky.clancy15@gmail.com

Content Writing

Writing in many different styles for the last few years I am flexible to fit your needs- although a more cheerful and casual approach is my favourite!


I quickly become enthusiastic about products when when researching them, a reason why copywriting has become one of my favourite writing forms!


Blogging is one of the best ways of inspiring an audience. Taking on a more casual approach this will help readers engage with your message and product!

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