Content Writing

Campus Society (2018-2020)

An online app for students where I discussed my experiences of uni life and covered other more quirky topics like ‘Uses for a Pot Noodle container’. However, despite enjoying this role, I began to thrive on environmental topics where I would give tips to students on ‘How to make your life more environmentally-friendly’, and eventually debate topics on actions from key activist groups, such as the Extinction Rebellion.

Portsmouth Point (2015-2017)

A more academic style of writing I was able to express opinions and research in a formal style. I published numerous article such as:

  • What Is Intuition?
  • The Curse of Consumerism
  • Befriending the Unknown

Further articles can be found here:

The News (2015)

Working for Portsmouth’s local newspaper provided me with an insight into a journalistic style of writing. Here I gained invaluable knowledge in interviewing individuals covering a wide range of topics, as well as developing skills in creating appealing formats for content.

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